James Leblanc, Personal Real Estate Corporation

I’m one of the leading realtors and real estate advisors in beautiful Victoria, BC with decades of experience in the industry. Over my professional career I’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their real estate goals and I couldn’t be prouder. When it comes to real estate in Victoria, I truly believe that there is nowhere else on earth that is better to live than our little capital city on the edge of the ocean. 


While I’ve been in Victoria since the mid 90’s, I was born and raised on the Mainland. I was a spunky kid with a lot of ambition so no one was surprised when at the young age of 23 I opened my first restaurant in Vancouver. I loved the restaurant industry–yes it’s a lot of hard work and razor thin margins but the people I got to meet and work with from business partners to local government to licensing office clerks to staff and diners, was amazing. It gave me a chance to hone my networking and negotiating skills in a way that traditional education couldn’t. After a few years of hustling hard in Vancouver I knew it was time for a change. I had a wife and kids and I wanted to escape the big city rat-race and try something new–so we packed up and headed to Victoria. I’d always loved the city and I’d always had my eye on real estate as my next move so when I got here, I hit the ground running. I got my real estate licence and right away got a job at a local firm. Within a few years, I was one of the top performing real estate agents at the office. It was then that I started to get it in my head that maybe I could open my own real estate firm. It took some time to find the right partner but in 2015, it happened and I opened the LeBlanc Piercy Group in partnership with Engel & Völkers Vancouver Island with my business partner Scott Piercy. Since then we’ve established ourselves as one of the leading real estate firms in Victoria as well as one of the top performing Engel & Völkers North American teams. We’ve expanded to three offices in Victoria and one in Calgary, with over 80 agents joining the firm!


Since starting my career in real estate, I’ve had one passion: to help every client make their Vancouver Island real estate dreams a reality. Whether I’m guiding a first-time buyer through the process or helping a multi-million dollar client negotiate a complex deal, I give my all because I know that there is no better investment than Vancouver Island real estate. Here, investors can find a unique mix of pristine nature surrounded by thoughtful and functional urban centres and a diverse array of real estate options. I’ve been involved in many of the most high-profile real estate deals in BC’s history, including the two highest priced private home sales and a private Island off of Vancouver Island. I’ve also had the honour of being recognized by the Victoria Real Estate Board, winning the Gold Award for being in the top 10% of sales volume on Vancouver Island each year. 


It’s not just luck though, I’m dedicated to working hard and making sure that each client is taken care of to the very best of my ability. I’m tenacious to a fault and confident in my and my team’s ability to navigate even the most complex and challenging deals with our North Star always being honesty and integrity. In recent years, the market has heated up which means that having someone by your side that knows this market inside and out to help advise you has never been more important. I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to give my clients a competitive edge even in tough climates and I always go after a deal 110% which has given me the reputation of being the agent you want by your side in your Vancouver Island real estate journey.