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Island Acquisition

While island acquisition is an exclusive and niche market, there are private islands around the globe that are available to purchase for the right buyer. Unlike other luxury real estate deals, these exclusive listings need to be handled with the utmost care and expertise. If you’re in the market to find an island, you’re in the right place. Whether it’s an island off the coast of Vancouver Island, a tropical island near Costa Rica or the Cayman Islands, Jim and the team at LeBlanc Piercy have the experience and knowledge required to create the right purchase strategy for you and guide you through the process.

Titles and Island Acquisition

One of the crucial aspects of island acquisition is the Title which, in most cases, should include 100% ownership of the entire property. There may be some acceptable exceptions (ex. a lighthouse owned and operated by the local government located on the island in question will remain owned and operated by aforementioned local government) but outside of such exceptions, Title should include 100% ownership of the entire island. Other Title considerations include but are not limited to; building restrictions, environmental laws, transfer or purchase tax, income tax in the event of resale, and more.

We Get All the Details

Like any real estate deal, it’s all about knowing the details. Unlike most real estate however, buying an island requires a careful and strategic plan to gather all the information in detail to ensure that the purchase is viable.
Here are some examples of the information needed to create an effective purchase strategy:

Purchasing an island is a complex undertaking that requires the experience and knowledge that Jim LeBlanc and the LeBlanc Piercy team have to make the process seamless and successful. Jim has years-long connections with some of the leading international tech professionals so that his clients will never view a property outside the criteria if they are purchasing and if selling, every listing will receive the highest quality exposure. With an unmatched track record and a professional reputation for integrity, discretion and results-oriented strategies, there’s no better realtor than Jim to help actualize your island acquisition. 

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