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Current Developments

Rainbow Hill

This upscale 84 Unit, 6 Story multi-family residential building in south Saanich is the epitome of sleek urban living. The modern building and interior design will make the most of the beauty of the area and provide residents with a stylish home not far from downtown Victoria. This is a perfect development for first-time homebuyers and investment buyers to keep an eye on or purchase during a build phase to ensure you get the highest return on your investment!

Frank Development

With open concept design, custom millwork, unique reclaimed features, and plenty of natural light, the Frank townhomes in James Bay provide a progressive approach with environmental consciousness through the use of efficient & natural building materials. Inspired by Brooklyn brownstones, these townhouses are a fantastic investment for anyone looking for a new build in the heart of Victoria.

Ideal Market

Greater Victoria offers a unique selection of new developments which include custom estate developments on acreages to large condo developments to exclusive townhomes. With the boom in the local economy, new developments are being built and sold before the last nail is hammered. Why? Because Vancouver Island’s ideal climate and world-class cities make for the perfect location to invest.


When it comes to Victoria’s downtown area, there is a unique market for new developments because here, developers face challenges like height and land restrictions. Being on the southern tip of an island means there isn’t a lot of land to build on and without being able to build up, the new developments we’re seeing in Victoria are groundbreaking in terms of design and functionality. In the future, Victoria’s architectural landscape is going to continue to break barriers and have both stunning and unique developments that take into consideration comfort, style and spatial economy. 

Unique Coastal Living

This picturesque capital city offers residents a unique lifestyle that interweaves urban living and outdoor recreation seamlessly. There is a proven market for luxury properties from parkside townhomes and oceanfront condos to sprawling heritage estates and modern seaside homes, this city blends luxury living with the ability to deeply connect with nature that you can’t find anywhere else! Whether you’re looking to invest in a new development or your looking to develop in Victoria, you’ll want an expert like Jim and the team at the LeBlanc Piercy Group who can provide market insight and can advise you every step of the way!

Unsurpassed Selection

When it comes to upscale developments, Vancouver Island and Victoria offer investors a diverse selection to choose from–and there are many more to come! From cutting edge, Bauhaus inspired townhouses and state-of-the-art, environmentally conscientious condos to charming Arts and Crafts style homes with ocean views, for a small city Victoria holds its own for ground breaking development. No matter what you’re looking for, Jim can help you find that new build or pre-sale that you’ve been waiting for! Give him a call today!

Real Estate Leader

Come to Vancouver Island to view what sets this area apart internationally. We have the topography, the climate and best of all, the people. Jim Leblanc of The Leblanc Piercy Group is your clear choice for Realtor in Victoria, he has the experience, the contacts but most importantly, the listings. Call Jim today!